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Manufacturing with well-equipped facilities and solid technique

We receive customers' precious raw materials and then process the contract with the equipment of Seiko coffee.
For customers who are new to coffee sales, we will make a total backup from selection of raw beans to roasting processing.

Manufacturing for OEM - Consistently from first to last -

SEIKO COFFEE is the biggest roasting and packaging factory in Chugoku and Shikoku regions.
We purchase raw coffee beans from all over the world carefully selected by our coffee appraiser and manufacture and sell various kinds of coffee products. It is a comprehensive facility such as the world's highest class German PROBAT machine and the world's fastest drip bag coffee filling and packaging machine. We are flexible from small lot production to large lot production

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    Storage of imported green coffee beans
    The raw beans purchased from all over the world are kept in a cool and dark place. Especially carefully selected beans are kept in "raw bean warehouse" which keeps optimum temperature and humidity and prevents quality deterioration.
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    Eliminating impurities
    Remove stones, yarns from the beans carefully by using light sorting machine and a metal detector.
    To remove a pumice stone is usually difficult during the ordinary process, but we can remove them and flow to a green beans to silos by using light sorting machine.
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    Stone roasting
    Grind to equalize the size of coffee beans to avoid degradation caused by frictional heat. When milling, check the quality and safety by Particle counter.
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    We have a number of roasting machines from PROBAT, Germany, which roasts world-class performance with full-fledged roasting and it roasted up in large quantities in a short time evenly.
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    Ship out
    We send the completed goods to your hands.