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Overseas business

  • It is the first time to import goods for me. Is it difficult?
    We have a lot of inquiries from beginners. We will support them.
  • What amount of coffee is in each drip bag?
    Each bag contains 7g to 12g of coffee according to coffee tastes.
  • Can I purchase coffee drip bags individually?
    Yes, we can do that for you.
  • What is your minimum order?
    Basically by 20 feet container.
  • We would like to make original packages. How long does it take to make them?
    The quickest scenario would be the EXW which takes one and half months after receiving the design data.
  • I am interested in making Private Brand products. How long does it take between the printing date to the shipping date?
    It takes about a month to the film completion after completion of the design.
    The cost that hangs to the film manufacturing in the prepayment.
    After the remittance, we start manufacturing.
    So it takes about a month and half at earliest.
  • Can you make original coffees which have been already packaged in other country?
    We might not be able to manufacture just by material and size, so first we ask you to send us a sample. However, we may refuse to use rolled up film because it might not be compatible with our machine.
  • Can I send my original green beans to make original coffee?
    Yes, however, the shipping cost will be covered by the purchasers.
  • Can the package be printed in our local language?
    Yes, as long as you provide a design data.
  • How do you keep the freshness?
    We pack fresh roasted and ground coffee in the bags which have degassing valves on the drip bags. Freshness is preserved by filling them with nitrogen.
  • Can I import the existing products?
    Yes, however, the packaging is all printed in Japanese.
  • Can the drip bag’s filters be sent separately?
    Yes, we have two different sorts of filters. Regulars and Cup on type.
  • Can I purchase coffee green beans and export them? How are they packaged?
    Yes you can purchase them. We can provide green coffee in jute bags or 10kg’s plastic bags.
  • What your overseas shipping method?
    We usually dispatch our products by ship. For small amounts products are dispatched by Air.
  • How long is the recommended best before of the coffee?
    It would be a year or a year and half in Japan. However, we comply with the regulations of each country.
  • Can I visit Seiko Coffee factory?
    Please make a reservation in advance and we will pick you up at the nearest train station. Visiting our plant facilities is possible.
  • I live abroad, how can I contact you?
    We communicate with our customers by Telephone, Fax, via internet, email and Skype.
  • What is the Payment method?
    All payments must be done in advance. When the payment is received, the manufacture of the product will begin.
  • How the product’s price is decided?
    The product price is determined by many variables, like raw materials, amount, lots, etc… We can be contacted for further. Individual information.
  • Please inform me of the overseas retail history.
    We sell to China Taiwan, Korea, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, Egypt, Ireland, Sweden, etc.
  • Do you have any other product besides Drip bag coffee and Regular coffee?
    We have tea, instant coffee, espresso pod, regular coffee pod, coffee paper, drip bag filter, green beans, gas-release valve, etc. Please check other tabs.
  • Can I have some samples?
    Yes, however, there is a small cover charge.
  • Can I require how to load on the pallets?
    Yes, after previous arrangements, we will try to meet your request.
  • Can you go through formalities for import/export instead of us?
    We will advance cooperating with the customs broker and FOB basically.
  • After the earthquake in Tohoku area of Japan, is there any required document for the customs clearance?
    We are often asked proof of safety, but it depends on counties and regions. Please check the web sites for your countries.
  • What documents do we need to prove the safety?
    For example, we are asked a country of origin. It can be proved that the products are made in Hiroshima.
  • Do they cost some?
    Yes, they do.
  • Do you take out any insurance for your products?
    Yes, we do. We take out Product Liability Insurance.
    But this insurance is applied only in Japan.