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Professional Supports for Your Original Coffee Development

With our experienced performances of manufacturing coffee-related products in various ways, SEIKO COFFEE is good at making these products sold by the customer's design as Original/Private Brand. Moreover, our Brazil-authorized coffee appraiser can offer all the necessary supports and professional advice you need, which makes the OEM an available option as well. Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions.


We deal with other products as well.
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Organic goods made with PB, coffee, tea etc.

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OEM by Our Complete Equipment and Reliable Technology

It's our pleasure to manufacture the materials provided by customers like raw or roasted beans with SEIKO's equipment. For the clueless customers who are new to the coffee business, we can be your most reliable teammate and help you from start to finish, e.g. beans selection, roasting, and manufacturing.

Integrated Process of OEM: from First to Last all by Our Own

SEIKO COFFEE has the largest class of roasting and packaging factories in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions. We manufacture and sell sorts of coffee products from raw beans purchased from all over the world, which are carefully selected by our coffee appraiser.
With the complete equipment such as the world's top-class PROBAT roasters from Germany and the world's fastest drip bag coffee filling and packaging machines, we are flexible to take the order from a small lot to a large lot.

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    Green Coffee Beans Storage
    Raw beans purchased from all over the world are all kept in cool and dry places. Especially the selections are stored in the "raw bean warehouse" to keep optimum temperature, humidity and prevent quality deterioration.
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    Impurities Eliminating
    The stones or yarns are removed from the beans carefully by using the light sorting machine, rough sorting machine, and metal detector.
    The pumice stones are difficult to remove in the ordinary process, but with a light sorting machine, we can get rid of them before they sent into the silo.
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    We have several sets of PROBAT roasters from Germany, which have world-class, full-fledged roasting performances. To make sure it roasts up in a large quantity fast and even, our well-trained operators always manipulate the roaster and check every step carefully and appropriately.
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    The coffee beans ground equally to avoid degradation caused by frictional heat. Quality and stability will be checked precisely by the particle counter when milling.
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    We choose the film materials and nitrogen filling pack to keep the quality and freshness. Also, cutting the over-wasted or unnecessary packaging as possible to follow the eco-awareness.
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    Finally, the finished products will be well-packed and carefully deliver to your hand.