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The secret of deliciousness

The reason why Seiko Coffee's coffee delicious

Under the mind of delivering really delicious coffee to all over the country at a reasonable price, we have crossed roasting factories all over Europe from about 20 years ago and developed original roasting method (roast roasting) and equipment.
Continuing to make delicious coffee that can be made because it is an expert of coffee who knows coffee in and outside of the country.

Shipped freshly baked coffee. Sticking to freshness and always sticking constantly to provide constant quality
All PB and OEM products are made to order. We stick to delivering roasting immediately as opposed to factory occupancy rate.
In addition, we keep consistent quality by measuring color intensity and crushing granularity for each lot.
We believe that small commitment will lead to providing delicious taste without changing, I make coffee every day.
Seiko coffee founder who walked across the roasting factories in various parts of Europe brought deliciously roasting machine.
We make the original flavor by customizing Seiko coffee a large roaster made by German PROBAT.
The coffee baked by the far infrared effect is plump in the beans with a aroma and gentle taste, it is a delicious finish that can be drunk in any number of cups.
In addition, we are preparing more than 50 kinds of coffee raw materials at all times so that we can respond to any request.
Brazilian authorized coffee appraiser consistently performs quality control.
All coffee beans of Seiko coffee are picked out only from commodities that Brazilian authorized coffee appraiser selects from raw beans around the world and only the goods which are convinced are purchased.
Especially carefully selected beans are carefully kept in "raw bean warehouse" which keeps optimal temperature and humidity and prevents quality deterioration.
Also, the entire process of importing, storing, roasting, packaging and shipping of raw beans is also responsible for thorough quality control by appraisers.
Organic JAS certified factory roasted
Seiko coffee keeps the quality of safety as the organic JAS certified factory. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries established a standard for what displays "organic" and checked by a third party accreditation body to see if it conforms to the Organic JAS Regulation, and "Organic JAS Mark" will be attached only to products for which certification was obtained can do.