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Drip Coffee

Drip Bag Coffee can be sold for various purposes such as retail,
gifts, novelties, office coffee, etc.

Information on Private Brand(PB)

Production lot
Regarding overseas, basically 20feet container.
Outer package film
Printing on an original outer aluminum package film. Advising on basic printing knowledge,such as design, lots and cost.
Coffee materials
We suggest coffee materials for your requests.
It is possible to use green coffee beans, roasted beans or ground coffee supplied by you.
Possible inner capacity per bag
From 7g to 12g, depending on needs.
Nitrogen gas filled
Nitrogen gas is fed into the bag for antioxidant effect.

Business performance.

Asia Produced original brand drip bags with own design package. Mainly selling on internet, coffee shops, restaurants and department stores.
Europe Produced original equipment manufacturing coffee. Selling at internet as well.
Middle East Supplied at hotels.
Russia Selling at supermarkets.

If you have inquiries, please do not hesitate ask us.

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Drip bag materials

If you are planning to sell your original drip bag coffee, you can pack and process coffee at your company.
They are also perfect as sample produces.

  • STEP 1Put the coffee into the filter.
  • STEP 2Seal it with a sealer.
  • STEP 3Put the filter into the outer package.
  • STEP 4Seal it with a sealer.
  • STEP 5Completion!
Various filters
Regular filter
  • Item Filter
    Size 90mm(L) x 70mm(W)
    90mm(L) x 74mm(W)
    Grams 7g~12g
    1. Easily fit on to cup by hooks.
    2. It can be used to different type of cups such as mug cup or tea cup.
    3. Filter is sealed by heat and there is no other chemical.
    4. Coffee particles are totally filtered by these filters.
    5. These filters are specially designed for filtering coffee.
    6. No any fabric chlorinated polyvinyl.

    *To avoid accumulation of CO2 gas, do not pack it in outer package just after filling and sealing.

Cup-on type filter
  • Item Cup on type filter
    Size 74mm(L) x 100mm(W)
    Grams 7g~12g

    * The filter does not soak in coffee
    * It is easy to pour hot water into a mouth of the filter because opening is large.

Outer packages
  • Item Aluminum 1 color plain bag
    Size 120mm(L) x 100mm(W)
    [Sealed 3 sides]
  • Item Aluminum plain bag
    Size 120mm(L) x 100mm(W)
    [Sealed 3 sides]
  • Item D-11
    Size 120mm(L) x 100mm(W)
    [Sealed 3 sides]

If you have inquiries, please do not hesitate ask us.

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How to make a drip bag

Mill the coffee beans
Set the filters on the machine

Set the outer packages on the machine

Coffee is fed into a hopper
The filter is cut and welded by ultrasonic wave
Measured coffee is fed into a filter

The filter containing coffee is fed into an outer film
Nitrogen gas is fed into the bag.
Being filled up with nitrogen, seals are carried out and completion

Scanning for metal
Weight and quantity check

Measuring weight and check the amount.

Sending them out to the belt conveyors.